Lease Return FAQs

Lease Return FAQs

When you’ve leased a vehicle to drive throughout Penn Yan, Geneva, or Watkins Glen, New York, and that contract is coming to an end, you may have some questions about what the lease return process will be like. On this lease return FAQs (frequently asked questions) page, you’ll find answers to some common inquiries that lessees have.

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When Do I Schedule My Lease Inspection?

About 60 days before your leased vehicle is due back to the dealership, you’ll want to start planning an inspection. For Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram vehicles specifically, the state you live in will determine which of two vendors you can use. You can then schedule the inspection online or by calling the vendor.

To make the inspection even easier, you can schedule it wherever you’d like. An inspector can come to your home or workplace in order to complete the process. The entire inspection will also be at no cost to you.

What Gets Inspected on My Leased Vehicle?

Lease inspectors will observe the interior and exterior of the vehicle to check for signs of wear and tear. On the inside, this may include stains or rips in the seating. They’ll also make sure that other interior components have all their needed parts, like equipment for the navigation system or DVD player.

On the exterior, they’ll look for dents, dings, or scratches. They’ll also observe the windshield for any damage and will check your vehicle’s tire treads to note the current depth.

Will My Lease Need Repairs?

Your leased vehicle may need some repairs after it’s been inspected and issues have been found. Our service center is skilled in a wide variety of vehicle maintenance needs, so you can always come to our technicians for internal or external automotive repairs.

How Should I Prepare My Lease for Return?

To prepare for your lease return, you can clean the outside and inside to make sure it’s ready for the next driver. You’ll also want to clean out your various technology systems that may still have personal information on them.

Additionally, you’ll want to remember to bring any other important items related to your leased vehicle, like spare keys/fobs and the owner’s manual.

Can I Purchase My Lease?

Yes, you can purchase the vehicle you’re leasing if you know you’d like to drive it for the long term. One of our finance center experts can work with you to begin the purchasing process.

Do I Have to Return My Lease to the Same Dealership?

Not necessarily. Many manufacturers will allow you to return your leased vehicle to another dealership that’s closer to your new location if you’ve moved. You can find out for certain by contacting the dealership you plan to use.

Return Your Lease Today!

These lease return FAQs can provide some helpful answers to important questions you may have. If it’s getting close to your lease return date, you can use some of the tips outlined above to prepare your vehicle and get it inspected.

Drivers near Penn Yan, Geneva, and Watkins Glen, NY, can return their leased vehicles by visiting us at Friendly DCJR. Have any other questions about lease returns? If so, feel free to contact us today!