2017 Ram 1500 vs Toyota Tundra

Let’s face it, if you’re buying a truck, then you have a serious need for muscle-something you’ll find plenty of in both the 2017 Ram 1500 and the 2017 Toyota Tundra.

But which can offer Penn Yan, Geneva, Watkins Glen, and Hammondsport drivers more? In this comparison, our team at Friendly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram is going to break it down for you.

A Powertrain That Won’t Let You Down

When it comes to a vehicle of this class, some wimpy engine just isn’t going to cut it. In this respect, neither the 2017 Ram 1500 or the 2017 Toyota Tundra hold back. A 5.7L 8-cylinder engine is available in each.

Of course, the HEMI® in the Ram 1500 comes paired with several optimizing features, such as the electronically controlled throttle and available next generating engine cooler. With help from its many enhancements, this powertrain generates 395 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque.

The V8 in the Toyota Tundra includes a couple comparable optimizations. Nevertheless, it falls short of its competitor, producing only 381 horsepower and 401 lb-ft of torque. On its own, that isn’t bad. In a head-to-head matchup, the Tundra ends up eating dust.

Safety Off-Road

With such massive engines under the hood, it’s no wonder that both these trucks have so much towing power. Both include a maximum hauling capacity of close to 10,500 pounds,with the Tundra pulling just a few pounds more.

Nevertheless, the Ram 1500 comes fortified with more structural reinforcements to help it handle that capacity with ease. In addition to its rigid frame, the truck comes with heavy duty shocks and dual stabilizer bars.

An available four-wheel drive (4WD) then ensures that the Ram 1500 can plow through any road conditions. The Tundra, on the other hand, comes standard with front-wheel drive. Its 4WD system is only available in higher trims-and for a higher price.

Interior Comfort Meets Functionality

No matter which you choose, your truck is bound to come with a lot of practical use. Nevertheless, comfort should be integral as well. The Ram 1500 and the Toyota Tundra don’t necessarily disagree on this point, but one is certainly more balanced.

The Tundra is heavily weighted towards comfort driving, offering a considerable entertainment suite. Comfy cloth interior comes basic-an excellent standard if you intend to only lightly use your truck. But when you’re out in the elements, you need something a little tougher.

The 1500 is the working man’s truck. It’s got enough entertainment in the available Uconnect® 5.0 to appeal to more casual drivers. With its 40/20/40 splitting vinyl bench, behind-the-seat storage, and available all-weather interior features, it’s more than equipped to handle the dirty jobs.

You Need a Truck That Won’t Quit on You

As lovely as the Penn Yan, Geneva, Watkins Glen, and Hammondsport area is, things can be a bit more rugged up here. You’re going to need a truck that doesn’t quit, something like the 2017 Ram 1500. The 2017 Toyota Tundra might not be able to give you everything you need.

Come see a Ram 1500 in person today at Friendly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram or schedule a test drive online. We’re sure you’ll be impressed!


When properly equipped. See dealer for details.