Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

When you hear a loud and bothersome squeaking noise coming from your vehicle, it’s never a good feeling. But if you notice that the noise occurs when you’re pressing your brake pedal, it could mean that your brakes need service. There a few distinct reasons that your brakes could be making this noise, so our team at Friendly CDJR will go over the possible causes and list the solutions for drivers in Geneva, Penn Yan, and Watkins Glen who are experiencing noisy brakes.

Squeaking Coming from Your Brake Pads

Sometimes, the loud squeaking noise can be a good thing. If it’s your brake pads, there’s no cause for alarm, you just need to schedule an appointment to change your brake pads soon. Your brake pads are force against the rotor when you press on your pedal. This creates friction which can wear away at your brake pad, but it also helps you slow or stop your wheel. The noise that you’re hearing is just your brake pad’s wear indicator, which lets off a high pitched squeak when you’ve only got about 25% of the brake pad left.

Old Brake Fluid

Old brake fluid is a common cause for loud noises that you’re hearing. Brake fluid is crucial to the overall function of your brakes because when you press the pedal, it flushes the fluid forward to drive the pistons to push your brake pads against the rotors to stop or slow your wheels down. When oil is old, it becomes less effective because its losing its viscosity. This can actually cause it to start eating away at a protective seal that your engine components have. In order to get rid of the noise and help keep your components protected, you’ll need to flush the system and have new brake fluid poured into the reservoir.

Removing Rust From Your Rotors

Another common cause of noisy brake performance may be because your rotors have accumulated rust. This can happen because of excessive humidity or rainfall. Your rotors will absorb the moisture and become rusted, and when the brake pad is pushed against a rusty rotor, it will lead to a squeaking sound. Removing rust from your rotors is actually a pretty simple process, you’ll just have to ensure the loud noise a little bit longer. You’ll want to drive your vehicle at a slow speed and lightly press down on your brake pedal. This can help shave off the rust and clean your rotors. Within a half hour of driving and braking, your rotors should be pretty clear.

Servicing Your Squeaking Brakes at Friendly CDJR

It’s never fun having to deal with noisy brakes. But when you want to get rid of this noise so you can enjoy your trips around Geneva, Penn Yan, or Watkins Glen, you can always schedule brake service with us at Friendly CDJR. We’d be happy to take a look and find out what’s causing the loud squeaking noise so we can correct the problem and get you back out on the road free of squeaking sounds!